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one | o | one yoga 

Founded in 1996,  one | o | one yoga features 6 teachers offering 11 ongoing classes per week:

  • therapeutic, beginner’s, vinyasa, hot, gentle,  kundalini, chair,  yin. 

  • Private yoga instruction also available.


Restorative Flow Yoga Series


4 Fridays         9:00 – 10:30 am
with Barb Bates and Donna Margolis

 Attune to your body’s deeper level allowing you to de-stress, re-energize and find balance.  Restorative flow is designed to create significant shifts in both physical and mental health.

Feb 16         Breathe, relax, feel, allow                                  

Feb 23         Rest in the still point                                           

March 2      Positive healing and thinking

March 9      Your body as a healing garden                                         

 “The softest thing in the universe can overcome the hardest.” – Lao Tzu 

$12 drop-in or Regular membership pricing

Congratulations to Donna Margolis on completing yoga teacher training

Donna began practicing yoga in 2013 and first came to one | o | one yoga in 2014.  Last October, she completed a 200 hr Teacher Training Program at White Lotus Foundation with renowned instructors – Ganga White and Tracey Rich – who both hold the Yoga Acharya degree and founded White Lotus® in 1967.
“Finding yoga in my mid-50s has perhaps been one of my greatest joys in life! Yoga, for me, means profound connection. It provides an integrated and holistic method to connect flexibility and strength, balance, concentration and mindful awareness. It activates that part of us which is pure, whole and loving.  Emotionally, I sometimes, think of yoga as a laundering process, wringing out the negative to reveal the positive. Allowing that bright human spirit in each of us to shine out. Yoga moves us forward with gratitude, acceptance and awareness.”


Barbara Bates…



partnering with Donna Margolis to offer the 4 week Restorative Flow series. 

Barb completed Therapeutic/Restorative teacher training at White Lotus Yoga Foundation in 2009.