Class Descriptions

Therapeutic Yoga: The Nature of Healing

great for beginner’s and practitioners with physical limitatations

Students will learn how optimal alignment helps to heal aches and pains, relieve stress and boost overall health and vitality.  Class is customized to serve individual needs of members who work toward increased strength, balance, flexibility and healing. Appropriate for those who prefer to practice using a chair.


Slow Flow

some experience suggested

This mindful practice is deliciously slow and will move you through the entire body gently and sweetly.  Slow flow allows time to go deeper and explore the experience of the postures as you cultivate strength, balance, breath and flexibility.  Don’t be fooled– this class will be challenging!


Chair Yoga

This class is designed for those seeking to safely and gently stretch and strengthen the body as well as calm the mind. Excellent for those with physical limitations. Great care is taken to customize and modify poses with students’ specific needs in mind. Explore how yoga props can enhance your practice. Grow in your body awareness, increase range of motion & cultivate better balance. 


Tuesday Night Vinyasa

A balanced practice, guaranteed to strengthen and invigorate, as well as create ease in the body and mind.  This laid-back flow implements various styles of yoga, all designed to challenge, tone, strengthen, de-stress, and detoxify the body with asanas.  Pose modifications are offered for various levels. Calm and relax the mind and nervous system with pranayama (controlled breathing exercises) along with relaxation/meditation techniques.


Wednesday Gentle Yoga

Great for those with physical limitations, older students and those who want a gentle practice. Optimize range of motion, and improve strength, balance and circulation with standing and seated asanas and supine stretches.  We use props to help support joints and troubled areas. Those who wish to practice with a chair are welcome! 

Yin Yoga

all are welcome

Yin is the more cooling female energy, in contrast with the heating, dynamic yang-style practice. This class will feature passive or yin asanas, each held for several minutes to promote deep relaxation and instill mindfulness. Yin targets the connective tissues-especially the joints and fascia-to stretch, hydrate and release tension. Essential oils are offered to enrich your savasana.


Heated Vinyasa

all are welcome

This flow class is based in The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga sequence, which traditionally has the same poses in each class.  In this class, while several core poses are included in each class, no two classes will be the same. Those looking to sweat, stretch, strengthen, laugh, learn, deepen physical awareness.  Enjoy soothing and invigorating, essential oils!!  Great music!!  Come and  join the fun!


Glow with the Flow

some experience suggested

Start your day with an invigorating practice that leaves you feeling expansive yet relaxed. This vinyasa class incorporates breath and awareness to take each student to his or her “edge”. Cultivate balance, muscular strength, and body-mind awareness while keeping the tempo of class challenging.  Class is appropriate for active beginners through advanced students.  Modifications provided for more challenging postures. Work at your own pace, and take breaks when you feel the need. Come and be inspired!


Friday Morning Yoga

Class will interweave breathing techniques / mindful movement /relaxation through letting go. Higher intensity poses will be offered for those looking to build heat. At the same time, gentler modifications will also be available throughout class. Gain strength and improve balance and flexibility as mental clarity increases. Expect to leave feeling refreshed!! 

Saturday Morning Vinyasa

Open Levels 

A challenging but playful practice!  We will experience the amazing mind/body effects of linking movement and breath. An incorporation of sun salutations, standing, seated and supine postures with plenty of variations and modifications offered making this open to all levels! Yummy savasana guaranteed! Essential oils offered! 


Saturday Beginners Yoga

All levels welcome– especially beginners!

In this non judgmental beginners hatha-style class we practice the foundational standing and seated postures with emphasis on alignment and use of props. Poses are modified to fit your new practice! We will go through each pose and pinpoint what areas of the body it engages and/or stretches as well as the English and Sanskrit names. Also a great basic practice for seasoned yogis!


Kundalini Yoga

This ancient practice is adaptable for every level of experience.

Kundalini is the yoga of awareness. The whole class is designed to take you into your core self with love and acceptance. The movements or chants may seem unfamiliar, but you’ll be amazed at how good they make you feel!