Heather Cross

image2My love for yoga began as a small child, watching my mom practice in our living room from Richard Hittleman’s 1969 book, Yoga (28 Day Exercise Plan).  I have studied and trained with many amazing and inspiring teachers in various yoga styles.  In 2009 I began a dedicated yoga practice, which has improved all areas of my life and well-being.  I completed my first YogaFit training in 2009, and  in 2011, completed a 200  hr Certification from the Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center in Palatine, IL, under the spiritual guidance of Swami Veda Bharati.  My passion is to share what I have found in yoga:   increased strength; flexibility; stress-relief; better overall health; and a deeper connection of mind, body, and spirit.   My goal is to simply help people connect with themselves and improve overall mind-body fitness.  I enjoy life in beautiful Southern Illinois with my wonderful husband and step-son…traveling, spending time in nature, and embracing the flow of life!



Lisa Dover

lisa dover

Lisa has always been drawn to movement and the body.  She studied dance and gymnastics as a girl.  In 2001 she became a massage therapist.  To offset that physically demanding work, she began practicing yoga. After practicing for several years, she discovered the Barkan Method, which combined strengthening with stretching, and worked closely with local teacher and mentor, Toni Morris.  She received the 200 hour Barkan Method of Hot Yoga, Level 1 training certificate in summer of 2007 in Ft. Lauderdale FL. In October, 2007,  dhr completed level 2, Vinyasa training. Lisa creates lighthearted space where students can deepen awareness of their physical and mental states.  She incorporates many of the skills attained in her 15 years as a bodyworker.  Lisa’s palpatory skills help her to provide gentle and effective adjustments to students.  She enhances the experience with essential oils and music.  


Lindsay Grogan

I have always been drawn to the balancing qualities of yoga and asana. I began a dedicated practice in 2010, a year after the birth of my son in order to reconnect with my body. I felt the amazing effects of truly checking in with yourself, inside and out. I have practiced hatha, vinyasa and ashtanga styles of yoga extensively. Asana is an amazing tool to help create balance, build strength, and remain flexible in your body as well as in your life. My goal as a teacher and student of yoga is to help spread the self-love that yoga creates, and to help guide people in their own personal yoga journey, which I see as an absolute honor and privilege. I truly believe that the power of love and compassion-and yoga!-can help heal and change the world. I look forward to being a part of the yoga community here in Southern Illinois, where I live with my yoga guinea pigs, AKA, my wonderful, loving husband-Kyle, and sweet son-Maximus. Thank you for being open to sharing your practice with me. Namaste.


Shelley Hill

IMG_2386 A Southern Illinois native, Shelley began her journey into yoga in 1999. She writes: “Once I learned how much my body loved and needed movement, deeper awakenings of body, mind, and spirit began to unveil themselves. I was introduced to Anusara yoga through a good friend and beautiful yogi and resonated deeply with its heart-oriented style and principles of alignment.” Shelley completed Anusara immersion and teacher training in November of 2008 with nationally respected Certified Anusara Yoga Teachers, Sue Elkind and Naime Jezzney, along with Dr. Douglas Brooks. “I feel immense gratitude for my inspiring teachers who taught with bright mind and radiant hearts!” Shelley has also studied under such brilliant beings as John Friend, Anusara founder; Sianna Sherman, Certified Anusara Yogi; and Rodney Yee.  Along with being a yoga instructor and a great lover of dance, Shelley loves being a wife, friend, daughter, and aunt and works at Herrin Behavioral Health as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Siri Radha Kaur

siri-radha-pic-for-101Siri Radha Kaur hails from the west coast. She is a Kundalini Yogi, recent PhD in Communication Studies,  nature lover,  deep breather, and dedicated consumer of kombucha. She lives for kirtan, meditation, and excellent conversation.  Raised by parents who were avid explorers of yoga, music, art, and spiritual practices, Kundalini Yoga (as Taught by Yogi Bhajan) was a natural fit when she found it in 2009. She has been practicing this rich tradition ever since and sharing it with others since 2013. Her name means: Radiant lioness of the Divine who has great mastery of her spiritual path and inspires others. It is her fondest dream to live up to this.


Marti Rider

IMG_4161Marti began her yoga journey in 2007 in India, with Sivananda’s 200 hr Teacher Training in the Himalayas under Swami Swarogrananda. In 2009, she added a 200 hr teaching training at Yoga Works, with renowned yogi, Annie Carpenter. Marti is currently studying with Bryan Kest, creator of Power Yoga. Additional teachers include LA based ashtanga instructor Sonya Cottle and the founder of Groovy Kids Yoga, Greville Henwood.

Marti’s approach to yoga starts with the definition of the word Yoga: union– specifically, of mind and body through breath.  Linking breath directly to movement helps increase flexibility, endurance and balance. Breathing is the corner stone of technique and a key to deepening your practice.  Yoga is awareness,  and working within your limits – wherever and whatever they may be.

Joan Sherwood

Joan began her yoga journey at one | o | one yoga  when it opened in    2006.  She completed her 200 hour training in 2009, studying with    master teachers including Tias Little and Shanna Linn.  In 2013, Joan    received a certification in Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga ©, to support  her work with breast cancer survivors.  Joan has taught yoga at several  Southern Illinois locations,  most recently offering the Pink Ribbon Yoga  program at The Breast Center.