Meet Our Instructors

Private Sessions..

are scheduled individually with the teachers. Ginger Golz, Jo Kilmer and Donna Margolis are currently accepting private students.  You will find their contact information here, under the teacher’s name.

Heather Cross

My love for yoga began as a child watching my mom practice in our living room.  I began my practice in 2009, and it improved my life!  I completed YogaFit training (2009) and RYT-200 hour Certification from the Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center in Palatine

My passion is to share the benefits of mindful movement: strength; flexibility; stress-relief; better health; and a deeper connection of mind, body, and spirit. I incorporate various styles of yoga to create a practice that is strengthening and empowering, yet slow moving and mindful.    

Ginger Golz

Ginger completed her 200-hr training in 2014 and a 500-hr training in 2016. Initially drawn to yoga for its physical benefits, her practice has evolved from “powering through” to cultivating peace and breath awareness and noticing what makes her body feel good.

Ginger enjoys sharing the practice of relaxing into postures, rather than tensing and competing. She incorporates yoga into her personal life via breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, and yoga philosophy. With 4+ years of teaching experience, her goal is to provide a space for practitioners to develop a personal practice that feels good and enhances their bodies and minds. 

To contact Ginger about private instruction:

Lindsay Grogan

I began a dedicated practice in 2010, to reconnect with my body after my son’s birth and felt yoga’s amazing effects! I have practiced hatha, vinyasa and ashtanga yoga extensively. Asana is an amazing tool to help create balance, build strength, and remain flexible in body and life! My goal is to spread the self-love that yoga inspires, and to guide people in their

yoga journeys– an honor and privilege! I believe in the power of love, compassion-and yoga!- to heal and change the world. Namaste. 

Maria Johnson

Maria  has been a dedicated practitioner at one |o | one yoga since 2010, quickly discovering its power to transform, integrate mind-body-spirit, and foster compassion and community. She completed teacher training in 2018. Maria passionately pursues the integration of yoga/movement, with sound/music, art, and poetry to facilitate healing & transformation.

She has completed numerous additional trainings since receiving her initial certification and remains a dedicated student as well as teacher.

Jo Kilmer

For Jo, yoga is a bodily form of meditation. Her own meditation practice as well as 20+ years in the healthcare field inform her teaching.  Jo is drawn to alignment based practices, offering modifications and propping suggestions so every students can perform asanas safely and enjoyably, regardless of their level of fitness or experience.   Jo completed her first teacher training in 2005 and added a 500 hr. yoga therapy training in 2009.  She has studied with many renowned teachers over the years. including Charlotte Bell, Judith Lasater, Sarah Powers, Max Strom and Cora Wen, Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. 

Jo lives on a small farm with goats, a sheep, dogs, cats and whatever wildlife finds its way there. To inquire about private sessions:

Donna Margolis

 Donna began practicing in 2013 and first came to one | o | one in 2014.  She completed her 200 hr Teacher Training at White Lotus Foundation, founded in 1967 by renowned instructors – Ganga White and Tracey Rich.  Donna writes:

“Finding yoga in my mid-50s has been one of my greatest joys in life!  Yoga, for me, means profound connection. It provides an integrated, holistic way to connect flexibility, strength, balance, concentration and mindful awareness. It activates that part of us which is pure, whole and loving.  Emotionally, I think of yoga as a laundering process, wringing out the negative to reveal the positive and allowing the bright human spirit in each of us to shine. Yoga moves us forward with gratitude, acceptance and awareness.”

Scott Timmons

After 50 years and many miles on my body, I realized I needed a plan to ensure several more years and many more miles. I noticed that many older adults I knew who were in good shape practiced yoga. So, in 2013 I started to practice 2-3 x / week, quickly noticing the benefits in strength, balance and flexibility that yoga brings. In January, 2018, I headed to Katmandu Valley, Nepal for my 200 hour teacher training. Following that, I recently, enrolled to get my 500 hour training over the coming year. My goal in teaching is to enable everyone in class to participate in each pose at their own level. Starting yoga at an older age, I feel equipped to assist with guidance and modifications for those with limited flexibility, or early in their yogic journeys.